The Blackwood Online Programs is designed to support the students of the Schools that cannot access Blackwood during their allocated Residential Program. While these Programs help create and maintain a connection between the students and Blackwood, similar to a Blackwood Residential Program, it is designed to challenge and extend the students through engaging outdoor experiences, utilising equipment and the outdoor environment available within the surrounds and immediate proximity of their school.

Through a close working partnership with classroom teachers, the Blackwood Staff will design, prepare and deliver the Online Program while fully supported and supervised by the classroom staff using the online platform of Microsoft Teams.

Blackwood Online Curriculum Roles & Responsibilities



  • Constant communication with Classroom Staff
  • Initiating conversations with Classroom Staff and helping design appropriate lessons
  • Constant communication with Blackwood Staff
  • Creating a Program outline
  • Outlining the daily School Timetable so lessons can be delivered around recess, lunch & home times
  • Creating the lessons plans which will also include a list of equipment and resources required to implement each individual lesson
  • Preparing all equipment required for each lesson
  • Resources & equipment required will be discussed with Classroom Staff prior to agreeing to the implementation of each specific lesson plan and set up in relation to what is available within your specific School environment
  • Setting up a classroom to access TEAMS
  • Delivering the lesson plans to the Classroom Staff via email
  • Leading the lesson outdoors when TEAMS is not required
  • Establishing the required Online TEAMS Link/s
  • Bringing students back to the screen to re-engage with Blackwood Staff and prepare for the next lesson
  • Hosting the lessons
  • Using initiative and education experience to solve challenges prior to & during curriculum implementation
  • In consultation with the Classroom Teachers, reviewing and modifying lessons to ensure appropriate and engaging delivery
  • Informing Blackwood Staff of any difficulties prior to implementation
    • eg. Photocopying issues
    • Unable to access email files
    • Unable to access TEAMS Link
    • Equipment Unavailability, etc.

Online Program Documentation

To help understand what can be delivered through the Blackwood Online Curriculum, please explore some available lessons. Through open communication the Blackwood Staff will happily create unique lessons that will be appropriate for your students and the environment available at your School to deliver the lesson.



LESSON:- Blindfold Challenges


LESSON:- Warm Up Challenges


LESSON:- Trash OR Treasure

Blackwood Online Programs Tony Bellette

Blackwood Special Schools Outdoor Education Centre is a DET Victorian school campus that embraces inclusion and respect for all special school students. Any donations are greatly appreciated and go directly to improving learning outcomes and opportunities for our students.

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