A great way to enhance the survival skills of your students in a safe and supportive environment.

Recommended Staff : Student Ratio for this Activity:- 1 : 6
(Blackwood Staff can never be considered as part of any staff : student ratio during the delivery of any lesson)

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Throughout this lesson, students are taught safe fire practices including site preparation, firewood storage and extinguishing before being challenged to light a fire.  With access to only natural materials students are required to design, prepare and build their fire before attempting to light it using only a flint.

Full instructions and demonstrations are given prior to student participation.  Under full supervision and with a correctly prepared site, students are encouraged to work together to achieve their goal of lighting a fire.

Once successful, students will be able to build upon their fire before reflecting on their experience while enjoying the ambiance, warmth and security of a glowing campfire.

Minimum time allocation: 45min

Victorian Curriculum learning area/capability:

  • HPE – Movement and Physical Activity: Learning through Movement
  • SCSO – Social Awareness and Management: Collaboration, Relationships and Diversity
  • SCSE – Self-awareness and Management: Developing resilience

Click here for the Fire Danger Rating Forecast.

2011 - Fire Lighting established at Blackwood Special Schools Outdoor Education Centre


Fire Lighting https://www.blackwoodssoec.vic.edu.au/images/lessons/fire-lighting/header4_fire.jpg Blackwood Special Schools Outdoor Education Centre

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