Current Expedition Dates:-Monday 3rd April – Thursday 6th April 2023
Program Location:- Blackwood Special Schools Outdoor Education Centre
Program Main Focus:-  Indigenous Connections
Approximate Cost:- $200 per student



Camp Warendji is an Indigenous Program designed to help students learn more about Koorie Culture and create a connection through friendship to help identity, acceptance and understanding.

Schools from across the network of Victorian Government Special Schools are invited to come together and work together to gain a greater understanding of Koorie Culture across our State and Nation.

Through a unique curriculum, this program offers students an opportunity to meet and learn from KESO (Koorie Education Support Officers), Cultural Educators and local elders as well as develop an understanding of Koorie life, education and culture.  Through the program students will be given a chance to share, learn and grow as they identify and gain a greater level of understanding together.

Work together to develop improved indigenous skills in the areas of cultural understanding, cooking, tracking and navigation.  Use your imagination to create your own Dreamtime Story, or use indigenous signs to create a unique story with your friends.

Minimum time allocation: 1 Week

Curriculum learning focus:

  • HPE – Movement and Physical Activity: Learning through Movement, Personal, Social and Community Health: Being healthy, safe
    and active
  • SCSO – Social Awareness and Management: Collaboration, Relationships and Diversity
  • SCSE – Self-awareness and Management: Developing resilience

2021 -Camp Warendji established at Blackwood Special Schools Outdoor Education Centre


Camp Warendji Blackwood Special Schools Outdoor Education Centre

Blackwood Special Schools Outdoor Education Centre is a DET Victorian school campus that embraces inclusion and respect for all special school students. Any donations are greatly appreciated and go directly to improving learning outcomes and opportunities for our students.

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