Confidence and Persistence Students are encouraged to extend their comfort zone through a diverse range of programs. With support, students are nurtured through physically and mentally challenging aspects of a task and are encouraged to believe in themselves and what they can achieve.

Once a student has gained personal confidence and a belief in themselves we see mental barriers start to break down and students achieve their educational goals.

Independence All programs at Blackwood focus on ‘Learning for Life’. Central to all teaching and learning programs is the development of independent living skills and social competencies. Due to the residential nature of our campus, opportunities are embedded in every program for students to develop or further improve independent living and social skills that are vital for their future. While independence is promoted, students are also encouraged to feel safe and not afraid to ask for help when needed.

Exploration We strive to break down all physical barriers by adapting programs and equipment to allow every student to take part in an inclusive program that offers them opportunities to explore.

Students are given opportunities to experience a variety of adventure based activities in a bush environment, whilst also engaging in a social setting. It is through these new and unique experiences that students are challenged to be curious, use their imagination and develop lifelong skills for an independent future.

Challenge lessons options

Blackwood Special Schools Outdoor Education Centre is a DET Victorian school campus that embraces inclusion and respect for all special school students. Any donations are greatly appreciated and go directly to improving learning outcomes and opportunities for our students.

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