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One day while walking through the Wombat State Forest, Wacky the Wombat stopped to look around and really enjoyed what could be seen ......

Gum Trees




Lerderderg River




Blue Sky

Blackwood Trees

Spider Webs


It was amazing. The forest was stunning. While appreciating the natural beauty of the Forest, Wacky decided to challenge everyone to share a local experience together ... to camp-out within their local environment and share this experience with others. This challenge would inspire people to be creative, inventive and have fun together while sharing with others across the State of Victoria.


Wacky's Home - Wombat State Forest


The challenge was set and Wacky's Cubby Camp-out was promoted with very basic guidelines:-

  • Talk to an adult
  • Build your Cubby
  • Sleep in your Cubby

The response from Wacky's friends all over Victoria was amazing. It created one big happy camping family across the State with many students thoroughly enjoying the opportunity to camp. In preparation, one student camped for 2 weeks in their Cubby, enjoying every single moment.

One School took the Cubby Camp-out to a whole new level by inviting Wally the Wombat in to share the Cubby Camp-out experience with their students and then met with them during the evening for a campfire sing-a-long ... a wonderfully unique experience enjoyed by all families involved.

Wally the Wombat has a Great Big Adventure

Wacky was amazed at the creativity from all participants, highlighting that when challenges are set amazing things can be achieved ......


A Swag





A Stretcher

A Marquee

A Clothes Horse

A Box

Fairy Lights


Everyone had their own unique ideas to create the ideal Cubby for their Camp-out. When Wacky brought all the ideas together to showcase what had been achieved ... the results were amazing and the smiles priceless.

While all the Cubbies were superb and expertly created, Wacky was wonderfully surprised by all the accessories that were considered, highlighting that camping out is a relaxing, enjoyable and calming experience for all. Some of the Camp-out accessories included ...




Indoor Campfires

An Esky

A Fishing Rod

Camp chairs



Awesome Outdoor Campfires


and lots, and lots of Toys

Through promotion, persistence, determination, teamwork and ingenuity brilliant things can be achieved. Wacky felt very proud that lots of friends accepted the challenge and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

The challenge for Wacky now .... setting the date for Wacky's next Camp-out.

Current Expedition Dates:-Monday 25th – Thursday 28th March 2024
Program Location:- Blackwood Special Schools Outdoor Education Centre
Program Main Focus:-  Indigenous Connections
Approximate Cost:- $200 per student

Acknowledgment to Country

We acknowledge the Wurundjeri people who are the traditional Owners of the country we work on and recognize their continuing connection to land, waters and culture. We pay our respects to their Elders past, present and emerging. I’d also like to acknowledge the deep knowledge systems and the amazing ability of first nations peoples to pass that knowledge through generations, as incredible teachers themselves. 

Blackwood Special Schools Outdoor Education Centre is a DET Victorian school campus that embraces inclusion and respect for all special school students. Any donations are greatly appreciated and go directly to improving learning outcomes and opportunities for our students.

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